An Adventurous Dream

Last night I dreamed of going on on a treasure hunt, almost an Indiana Jones type thing, but more mystery and less action. Also, fewer snakes. My team and I located an old castle across a storm-tossed sea, and within the castle we found a vast library.

We made out way upstairs, through vacant passages to a room where for some reason more modern accoutrements were found. A CD player lay on a bed with boxes of Magic the Gathering Cards stacked at one end.

All of it, both new and old, was covered in a layer of dust.

I did not know who this stuff belonged to, but I also did not wait around to find out. My team and I loaded ourselves down with the relics (mostly cards), and left the castle to cross the storm-tossed sea to return home.

However strange this dream, it does not change the fact that I enjoyed it. I woke up in the middle of the night, sad the dream was over, but eager to sleep again to see what my mind would turn out next. Not a thought went to interpretation, and I do not remember the dreams from after I returned to sleep.

I went to sleep feeling happy and grateful, and I dreamed happy and exciting dreams. So now that I have once again awakened I am inspired to have a good day. Funny, how past events order each movement toward the future.

Funny, but true.

My commentary on the dream itself is not that I really want to go on a difficult sea voyage, and I do not particularly desire a bunch of old magic cards. However, the dream had some very interesting components. I think that was the greater take away from the strangeness of it all. I did not feel desperate or fearful. I just enjoyed the experience provided by the dream.

I was content.

Hope this makes some kind of sense to you. Have a good day!


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