Had a distracted day yesterday, but still a very good one.

Now I’m trying to wake up after a few false alarms waking me up early.

I have recently gotten into some new-to-me death metal, mainly a band called Soilwork. And got their album from last year. This is the first real death metal album I’ve bought in a long time (Because the band Opeth hasn’t been releasing death metal lately). It’s of interesting to me that at one point I couldn’t stand this sort of music. I know many people dislike the vocal style especially.

My personal thought on this is that if enough appeals to a person about the music that person can learn to enjoy the parts they don’t like as much as well. That’s pretty much exactly what I did with death metal, what with my initial aversion to he growled vocals. I always enjoyed the instrumentation though.

I still generally enjoy less intense forms of heavy music a bit more easily, but sometimes its worth learning a different genre.

This is also the story of my career as an English Major. I don’t love literature. I love genre fiction. That’s still true, but now I can enjoy literature rather than just my genres. But I gave it more than a fair shake and I only regret it insofar as I wish I had time to do more other things too during college.

What sort of things have you learned to like? Are people’s opinions as immutable as they sometimes seem?

I don’t know, but I hope you have a good day, dear reader.


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