Killer Cards

Helped in a play test of the new RPG a friend and I have been developing. For once I played a character rather than running the whole game. Anyhow, the game is based on using Magic the Gathering cards as characters, monsters, and abilities. I enjoy the gameplay quite a lot. Rules-wise we’ve managed to make it quite solid, and it plays a lot like a wargame a la warhammmer, crossed with good old fashioned dungeons and dragons.

In any case, today is a busy day ‘cause I took so much time off to game yesterday. Time to kick into gear and get some fact checking done. I have to be prepared to make decisions and come up with stuff on the fly for writing too. Even with all the planning I’ve done before it it isn’t easy to do this all the time. In fact, I find the micro-ideas and turns of phrase the most effort of writing rough draft.

Also, its getting pretty cold here. Gotta get fired up to compensate.

Have a good day!

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