I finished the rough draft of a longer personal work for the first time in what feels like two years.

It’s a novella, not a novel, being only 33,700 words long. But I banged it out and I’m pretty happy with it at this stage.

Finishing is an important part of the craft, or so I read all over the net. I have been preoccupied with freelance work and procrastination for over two years, but now I have another work completed.

Today I go back to a novel over 80% complete already.

Today I make my stand not to stop when I’m tired, and my stand to relax instead of stressing when writing.

Today I have other things to do, but today I will plunge into a different universe, just as all do when writing fantastic fiction.

Completing a story is an amazing feeling. It’s been a five or six weeks of writing, and despite my slow pace I have completed it in its most rough form. That is a rush.

I will keep trying to get fast, and better. I will keep writing because these worlds are within me, and the skill I possess to tell them is demonstrated on the page. Though I often forget my way, I will keep striving to find the right path for myself and walk it.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for following.


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