Fumble #1

I have decided to start once again putting some flash fiction and snippets of other work up on this blog. These stories will be rough, and not heavily edited. And they’ll be short. I’ll do my best to make them worthwhile.
* * *

-Game One: Fleet-

Ichor pulsed through Isaac’s mind, the alien fluid that kept him in mental contact with the captains of all the ships out at sea. Hundreds of men crewed each vessel, and Isaac commanded thirty ships as well as repeater ships that helped him spread the network to them. He knew his opponent would be doing near precisely the same thing to synchronize the opposing fleet, but Isaac had one asset he doubted his opponent could match.

His eyes still closed he withdrew from the minds of his captains. Isaac extended one hand over the arm of his chair. A woman’s hand closed around his, reassuring and exhilerating. And powerful. Amy, a senseocycler, could extend the senses of a memetically trained mentalist like Isaac to see through the eyes of other living things far away. He grinned. She was his favorite ace to play.

They raced over the sea, two minds joined behind the eyes of a gull, then another gull, then beneath the surface as a fish, before finally leaping through the viewpoints of a crewmembers in Isaac’s fleet. Isaac and Amy passed the fleet and went skyward once again, catching in the mind of an albatross.

From the eyes of the great bird, Isaac looked down at the curve of the earth. The opposing fleet approached, speeding wakes from the edge of the horizon.

“Stay here,” Isaac said to Amy. “Contact me at the fleet when the enemy passes beneath you.”

He separated his mind from hers and bounced back to the mind of the captain of his lead cruiser. There he waited for the signal from Amy. Information made or broke battleplans in every age. The one who spotted first, shot first, drew first blood.

Amy’s signal arrived in his mind, a flicker of color within his mentality that contained a packet he skimmed through. The document marked the location of each enemy ship, its bearing and velocity. Amy’s skills at analytical sensing managed information so well he didn’t doubt her calculations at all.

Isaac sent the order to fire to each captain.


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