Roles in Fantasy and Science Fiction

I finished reading Kameron Hurley’s novellette, The Body Project recently and loved it a great deal. This is the first I’ve read of hers, and its super. Gonna have to read the novels in that series soon.

One of the things I loved about Hurley’s story was the number and variety of fantastic ‘types’ of people in the world. From wizards who control bugs to specially re-engineered people I found the scifi elements very compelling wehn combined with the different characters who filled each role.

My Amazon review is pending. Heh.

I have a larger point as well. Basically, I like the iconic nature of the world with distinctive and well-defined roles in it, whether they be from nations, professions, or technology, or magic. Names are also important in this regard because they flavor the world and the characters.

So go read Kameron Hurley, especially The Body Project as it brought me quite a bit of joy, and have great day!


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