Ways to Classify Characters: Pillar Universe

Yesterday I posted about roles in science fiction and fantasy stories. I also had a conversation on a similar line where my brother and I concluded that roles on a wide scale are basically world building details. We concluded this because once one stops talking about specific characters, or takes the discussion to the level of a system one is necessarily talking about the larger world.

That said, here is a dose of the worldbuilding I did for universe of the book I’m nearly done rough drafting.

For the purpose of roles one breaks characters up into categories, and for now I’ll describe some of those categories for this universe.

Species and Subspecies – This is a very broad set of categories because most of the book focuses on humans. So humans have subspecies in this world, five of them diverged and changed over generations apart.

After that could be nationaity and region of origin. Then, to further detail would be profession and below that specialty and so on.

I see one thing I do not like so much about this setting is the lack of iconic clarity in roles. If a character is, say, of the bandojen subspecies and an engineer specializing in robotics, that fits an archetype I built for the world, but it doesn’t necessarily have the sort of zing I want to read. Or maybe in that example it does. I’m conflicted on it.

How iconic do I want certain roles to be? How specialized and restricted? How distinctive must a roole be to truly shine?

Questions, questions.

I’m asking, but I’m not getting answers until I get back to the book.

Have a good day everyone!


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