Character Categorization Pt 3: Thoughts on a New(ish) World

In one of my created settngs, people can have a limited ability to create new semi-designed universes from a particular rare and powerful ingredient.

That’s where I started with fooling around in my brainstorming yesterday.

A customized shield universe, created as a strongpoint against an evil force interested me.

I imagine this universe as full of deathworlds. If you’ve never read the concept of a ‘deathworld’ this is a trope of planets full of lifeforms hostile to human (or alien?) life. The deathworlds in te shield universe are intentionally designed to lash out into space and pull invaders into them. These are the landmines of this fortress universe.

But landmines alone aren’t enough to defend a fortress. What kind of people live in this shield universe? Many, many kinds.

First of all, there are the magical folk (Makers) from the parent universe. At one point they were in control of the whole fortress universe, but they have lost some territory to nonhuman foreigners who are among the threats they built this universe to defend the parent universe against in the first place.

Next, are the magicless people, who form an underclass conscripted into this universe. And the hybrids between the makers and the magicless.

Factions abound, and this post could get really long if I posted everything I had brainstormed.

I guess I’m not ready to do that yet.

So I’ll leave you with this teaser, and ask you to have a good day.


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