Numbers Game

Sometimes measuring productivity is important.

I think I’m reaching that point again, as I feel like I’m doing mostly pretty well with writing at the moment. But the numbers still hold me back from great productivity.

It’s about my time commitment. Over the past year I have rarely spent more than an hour or two actually writing on any given day.

That will be expanding today. I have my plan set in motion already, involving relaxation during the course of writing. If I can’t relax while I’m writing my mind wanders and I got to check email or facebook.

I’ll detach from the net and keep focused by enjoyment alone. After all, I am now in the final eightth of the book, whihc is more or less the climactic build of this novel. It will last for a few days, but then will be complete.

This lengthy adventure is about to begin for the day.

I plan to enjoy the process.


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