Pure Concept

I love making ideas. Back in college I frequently got frustrated with people who were, or wanted to be writers, but who were ‘waiting for good ideas’. Perhaps they thought the right idea would vindicate their desires more quickly than writing the first thing that excited them. No matter.

I was probably wrong to be frustrated with them, but personally, I stopped waiting for the right idea when I started writing.

Or so I thought.

Truly I have so many story ideas on the large and sweeping level of design as I ever need. I defnitely don’t wait for anything like that. The ideas that trip me up these days are the little ones involve the execution of the larger ideas.

As Rudy Rucker says in his writing guide, which I found so helpful I’ve more or less memorized it, fiction is fractal. The deeper you go, the more there is to see.

This applies on the idea level. Once one delves down past the upper levels I find it more and more difficult to manage the ideas I work on. And I have to make more little ideas to fit inside the big ideas. Where my technique is lacking is potentially in this stage.

I love random number generators, so I’m now planning to come up with an idea generator for the paragraph level of my story.

We’ll see if that helps. I sort of doubt it will have much effect, but I might be able to vary things up a bit with some reminders of what to do. At the very least, this should be fun.

Have a good day!


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