Work goes slow sometimes. I have learned so much this year that I know I shouldn’t begrudge my slower writing (Or more accurately, lack of speeding up my writing) throughout it.

Part of me regrets not sharing more of these revelations on this blog, as much of what I talk about is writing.

I have learned about characters and how to make them live and change. I have learned a fair amount about sentence level stamina and the little ideas that make up the body of stories. Very importantly, I have learned a lot about the nature of exposition in my own fiction.

And yet, I feel as if I waited until now to truly express the amount of understanding I have taken away from all the practice since the start of last November. I don’t feel like waiting any longer. A lot of these revelations are things I’m still only beginning to understand.

Part One: Characters
-Characters need to start with a simple core personality trait, so readers can understand them.
-Characters will confuse readers without larger than life aspects that define them and make them distinct.
-Characters need believable motivation, even in crazy worlds. Especially in crazy worlds.

Part Two: Sentences
-Practice is key to making sentences varied and interesting. Paying attention to the individual meanings of words can be helpful in finding better ways of saying the same old somethings.
-Describing physicality is important, and not just for objects, but also for characters and especially creatures.

Part Three: Exposition and Me
-To go back to description for a moment, filling in world detail is fine as long as its necessary to understand the story in motion.
-Information dumps are not for me to avoid, but instead they must be tackled and explored and made readable. In worlds as weird as the ones I write there is no room for Hemingway-esque lack of exposition, and the same goes for my characters.
-The only wrong way to do exposition is the way that bores the reader.
-I’m passionate about the various odd universes I have created. They are a major reason I write what I write

That’s a quick overview of the stuff that I’ve been practicing this year, and this post is here to help remind me as much or than it is to spread any sort of wisdom I might claim to have. I’m not wise, but I’m learning.

Have a great day everyone!


One thought on “Substance

  1. The hardest part for me is the characters. In my mind, they seem extraordinary and unique and yet still relatable, but on paper they feel flat. I’ve worked hard on improving on this over the past six months and I do feel it’s helping…but it’s a slow learning process. =/

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