In Ruins? In Thought.

Just a brief bit of personal history today.

Maybe this will explain why I complain about not doing enough so often.

In June and July 2009 my writing speed exploded. The previous April I had written over 10,000 words in one day for the first time. Between those first two months of summer I wrote another 70,000 words. Now that I think about it, that isn’t really that fast compared to how quickly I write now (30,000 words a month on average).

This post just got weirder for me than expected.

I guess I never wrote quite as quickly or as consistently as I thought only moments ago.

My looking to the past with nostalgia for powers I once possessed seems to have been entirely my imagination.

I will have to keep considering the best way to move forward, but I get my best revelations through writing, so the key is to keep fingers on the keyboard and to keep sharing with others.

May each of you have a good day.


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