A Project to Finish

Today I am going to do what I can to finish my book. I have between 2.5 and 3 chapters to go, which is relatively a lot to write in one day for me at the moment.

Writing a book like this, over the course of an entire year (November 1st 2013 to October 30th 2014), is challenging for some reasons that are not necessarily obvious. The toughest part has to be keeping my thoughts in the story for that time. I wrote two and a half other books in that year as well, though they were all far shorter than this one.

I took last December off of writing, but if I had told myself I would still be working on this book in October 2014 as a result I might not have done that. Of course, then the book would probably just be longer, and it is a long one already.

For all the messiness of writing this past year, I’m pretty pleased. I have achieved about my average of 250,000-300,000 words for the past twelve months, even with December near-completely empty of progress.

It’s time to get to work on this rough draft, for the final time in this stage.

Hurray, and have a nice day!


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