Halloween and a Book of Books

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday I messed up a little. But I finished the long-running book today. It weighs in at just over 145,000 words and took 365 days to write, though that includes numerous lengthy breaks to write freelance and other personal works.

Tomorrow NaNoWriMo begins for 2014, and I have a terrific project lined up for it. I plan to keep blogging during that, but post times could get a bit odd.

Today I want to reflect on the past a little bit. This book I just finished was one of now 7 novels I have written of my own ideas and time and energy. I write for fun and for profit, and the novel is still my favorite form.

I think I’m going to spend the rest of the day reflecting on what I learned from each of the more recent stories, because there has been a lot. I may even include freelance projects in this. But who knows.

I’m running low on battery, and I want to get this post out. So have a fine day everyone.


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