A Rush, and Thoughts on Busy-ness

I’ve been getting some good chapters down over the past two days. Three chapters to be precise. My new book is off to an excellent start. For me, it’s a rush like adrenaline to start a book. This one will probably be about two lengths of a national novel writing month project when its done.

Of course, I feel a little odd starting this with another novella still on the docket for December or soon thereafter. That novella will be a sequel to one I wrote this fall, just before my last push on the big novel I finished on October 31st.

At any time I could be called upon to finish a freelance novel I’m halfway through as well, and then there’s the fact-checking I’m still working on every so often.

So I’m a busy guy at the moment.

When I was in highschool I envied people who rushed around with seemingly nothing on their minds but their many and varied tasks. Now I have many little tasks myself, and I often take it for granted. Better to be busy now then to be lax, as I think it says in other words in the often forgotten or misunderstood book of Ecclesiastes (Itself essentially a Buddhist or Existialist text in the middle of the Old Testament).

All the work in the world could fall down on my head and I’d be buried. I’m about to pick up the pace on some of the side projects as I feel pretty stable on the main book so far. I want to see how well I can switch between projects going forward.

So I’ll be brainstorming sequel materials for the novella, fact-checking, and writing on the new rough draft today.

Have a good one, people.


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