Endings (Again?)

I’m pretty bad at endings so far in my work. Perhaps its because I don’t like to work with a clear ending in mind. Perhaps its because I’ve historically been too coy with details in the earlier parts of my stories.

This week my writing group is approaching the end of one of my stories. I wonder if these chapters are gonna make any sense at all to them. Part of me is always nervous leading up to writing group, so that’s normal. They’ve never read an ending of mine other than that of a single short story, so we’ll see how it works out.

I guess one could say I don’t like endings. A great part of me never has, even in real life. Especially in real life.

The world is a scary place when one thinks of the temporary nature of all situations, things, and people.

But beyond that, it has occurred to me that even ultimate victory, the completion of reading a story for example, presents excitement to a child, but only more work for an adult.

When I write the end of a story, that’s the first leg of the journey done. The next part of the sequence is one I worry about, and have never really pushed through all the way. That is why I have no works out at market yet.

I hope that can change next year. So off I go to write, and to edit.


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