Road to Madness

Talking to some people, even some friends, whether it be in person or via text message, is a recipe for madness.

I can’t even say, but I had ridiculous irrational nightmares over a couple of things that were going on yesterday. These nightmares I can scarcely remember, but they also involved Hearthstone. Of course, with the Hearthstone I woke up and found the nightmare became real. Gosh, losing streaks in that game can hurt.

Anyhow, it’s Monday, and I’m still playing catch up on my words for the month. I still have a decent goal each day. And I had a freelance project removed from my workload yesterday, so stress is falling quite a bit overall.

I’m ready for today to be better than yesterday. Of course, I’ll need to work at it for that to happen.


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