Dragons, Wizards, and Resonance

When I was a kid, and already heavily involved with fantasy, my parents got me or my twin brother, really both of us, a copy of this wonderful illustrated book called the Discovery of Dragons. The book was framed as the chronicle of three different adventurers, one Viking, one medieval Chinese woman, and one Early 20th century European explorer, as they encountered various wonderfully painted dragons.

I loved this book. I still love it, for its three stories that built with every page, and for its portrayal of different kinds of creatures than one might expect or call dragons, but which nonetheless, fit the theme.

This is the kind of book that helped me grow into who I am today, a writer who wants to read new things.

For that reason, I’ve not been a huge fan of using dragons in my own work. In fact, I still love designing my own creatures almost as much as I did when I was running Dungeons and Dragons as a young teen.

But I’ve been thinking over some conversations I had at Fourth Street Fantasy last summer with people who held more regard for traditional fantasy creatures, including specifically dragons. Recently I have been thinking that perhaps there is room for throwbacks in fiction, as well as forward motion.

I guess this has to do with the current fantasy novel I am working on. I’m debating whether or not there should be magic in it beyond what I already put in for the core of the story, which is all in the form of tools and devices tied to twelve deities. However, I had other ideas for other magic that fit in the setting. If I am to use it I should introduce it now-ish in the story.

Maybe this isn’t so much about dragons, and more about wizards, really spellcasters of all stripes. I feel a similar way about them as I do about dragons. My task is to make something as cool, but make it different.

I think with the ideas I have built up for this story I could easily slot in some kind of other magics and find them enjoyable to have on the periphery of the story, possibly to help explain some of the stuff I had not previously elaborated on. Today I’m going to give this a try, and I’m sorry to be vague, but to explain it here would double the length of the post.

Have a good day everyone! I think I will.


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