All Created Lives

The character is a fundamental building block of story for the writer. While one can render them down into smaller parts, those parts do not have the effect on the story that the completed character creates.

I don’t know if the above is true. But it sure sounds good, and resonates with my experience of writing fast in years past. I feel as though I’m going back to a ‘golden age’, a superior summer wherein I wrote with joy and ease, even though I didn’t honestly get any more done than I do on average these days.

When I started writing that story I did not brainstorm a so-called plot. Instead, I planned for eventualities. Things felt like they could happen because I had prepared places, concepts, and importantly characters that filled the world up with possibilities. I filled up the world before I started writing, and the nature of most of the characters did not change a whole lot throughout the story. Those that did change got adjusted, not rebuilt.

I have never tried that technique to such an extent since. It is time.

Here I want to digress, and explain that if I can enjoy writing I am far more likely to press through it. I’ve also decided to most likely abandon recording word counts for NaNoWriMo. It’s been a good contest, but it isn’t working for my productivity this year.

I am desisting in my writing, but I think I feel constricted by the keeping of records in three different places (One on my computer, one on the NaNoWriMo site, and one on the spreadsheet for the RoTaNoWriMo group). I’ll probably just cut the NaNoWriMo site from that list.

Anyway, that’s the digression.

I didn’t build enough up front for this story, perhaps, so I am brainstorming new characters. Then its back to the word mines for me.

Have a good day, everyone!


2 thoughts on “All Created Lives

  1. Tim, it would seem to me that the technique you are describing would produce a more flowing, ‘of the moment’ piece. I am not a writer by any stretch of my, or anyone else’s imagination. I thought I was and I tried, but after about sixty thousand words realised that I had written what could only be described as an infantile engineering text. There were no personalities, no colours or scents, in short. no life!
    I am not a writer.

    • Everyone’s first story is awful. My first two novels were utterly unreadable. The third and fourth still didn’t work. There are natural talents in every field, but if you REALLY want to write I’d encourage you not to give up. It takes time. Ten years ago I had absolutely no skill, and only a modicum of talent. I don’t know how skilled I am now, but I’m a lot farther than I was then.

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