Out of the Water

The title of this post is proverbial. My writing troubles were blown out of the water by my focus yesterday. The quick work I did on the project yesterday has inspired me to return to post here for a little bit.

I’d tell you my wordcount, but I don’t want it to distract me. Besides that, the count isn’t as important as the fact that I met my goal (It wasn’t a small one), and I broke through a major issue that has been slowing me down for quite while.

Micro-planning, wherein one outlines individual scenes, is like a disease. I know micro-planning individual scenes works for some people. Not for me.

Up until yesterday I had been dancing around the actual writing by going back and making notes, trying to ease my way into it. Turns out that throwing all the micro outlines and little notes out has been very helpful for me.

I still have a long way to go for the month, and for the new year as it approaches. I have seen results from relaxing my grip on the story and not demanding such precision from a rough draft. Life is good here, but I will be spotty in posting here until December.

Thanks for reading, and have great day!


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