Taking Care

We all need to take care of ourselves, but I’ve also heard it said ‘no man is an island’. So we have to take care of each other when we can.

I don’t do a good job taking care of myself most of the time. I eat too much. I sleep too much. I don’t let myself do the things I really enjoy enough. Most of the activities I spend my time on at the moment are things I do because they are easy.

I don’t know if I really enjoy playing Hearthstone. I know I like a good session of writing a lot better. But which is easier. Which carries no real risk? That’s right, Blizzard’s addictive game. Even if I lose at Hearthstone its just a game. For some reason the fear I feel from writing has grown.

That boil needs to be punctured at some point. So its time to face the fear, and carefully, deftly, pop its bloody bubble.

I have grown used to second best (Then my mind corrects me: third best. I also need to read more).

The internet is an empty vessel when one approaches it without mindfulness. The empty page is a demon when viewed with a mind full of fear. A vessel appears harmless but it can fill up with your blood (Or, in this case, time). A demon is less pleasant to behold, but it if cannot consume you, in te end you will be stronger for confronting it.

I don’t really believe in demons, but I have seen the leech-like effect of social webpages. I have seen days vanish into their gaping mouths. And like some madman I continue to feed my time to them. I’ll still be present on facebook and twitter. But the time has come to limit my time on those sites, given how little I produce on both of them.

This has been a relatively undepressed night post. How about that?

I’ll see you in December. Happy holidays! Take care.


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