I have a lot of flaws, and I neglect a lot of aspects of my life. I still hope to change much of this.

It’s the first morning of the last month of 2014. Another year approaches its end.

This month is going to get very busy before it ends, and I look forward to seeing my brothers again.

I don’t know how much gaming I will get in on my table, but I look forward to that as well.

Yet… I am afraid of not getting enough done this month, before the festivities begin.

Once, I felt so motivated to do stuff. Possibly I was driven by the fear that without my work I was worthless. I’m glad for the friends who helped me banish that particular demon in college. However, some demons are worth harnessing rather than simply driving out.

I’m tired of rambling about how I don’t work enough. It’s still true. But complaining about it, either in person or on this blog is just a habit by now. It won’t change me. The time has come to stop worrying so much.

I hope we all live with less fear, in spite of the news and the passing of time.

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