Advent and other New Beginnings

The first section of the year for the Catholic Church is going on right now, Advent.

Today I’m going back to work and feeling good about it. However, I wanted to talk a moment about how one begins anything.

Do we always begin our lives’ various quests with uncertainty? Is there a beginning that can feel anything other than a myriad of possibilities?

That brings me back to Advent. Because Advent is the beginning of a liturgical cycle we know the season ends with Christmas. It’s happened for generations this way.

I am rambling. Maybe this is because I feel a bit off for the last few days, on edge. Ever since I passed out watching a particularly gory and imagination-accessing moment of Agents of Shield I’ve felt different. Perhaps this is one of the things that has held me back from writing? In any case, I am going back to work.

The work of an hour has been enough to satisfy me, but for now I will be trying to work longer, and to keep going back again and again to the page. A cycle of destiny, like a liturgical year of sorts. A literary year, month, day. A routine.

I’ll be sure to talk with all of you soon.

Have aa good day!

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