A Little Change

I made a little change yesterday. I meditated before going to bed.

Now, if you’ve heard me whine in person lately, you may have heard that I’m frustrated with my lack of consistency in sleep. I get plenty of time sacked out, but its not always good sleep.

My dreams are maddening, so perhaps it makes sense to meditate before bed. After all, once I’m done with my chaotic sleep I expect myself to get up and go at the day.

So far, so good. I meditated for around ten minutes last night, and I feel like I woke up with a similar mindset to my the one I had when I went to sleep. That is key lately.

If I don’t know how I’m going to feel when I wake up I can hardly plan what I’m going to do after that.

I’m going to keep meditating to empty my mind before sleep. Indeed I feel like meditation is a process of letting things pass me by at this point, whether those things be old memories or new thoughts.

I’ll keep all of you posted on what happens. Have a good saturday!


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