Demons Put to Flight

I may have mentioned demons before this post. I don’t believe in such things in a literal sense, but they are a decent metaphor for the challenges we all face.

Lately I have bee faring well in my struggles, except for my slothfulness in getting more words down. I feel like my mind is often contrary to what I know I want to do. I think this could be because I fill my head with other voices constantly.

From podcasts to music to the occasional television show or videogame, I get distracted from my inner world.

And I need that inner world to work. Now that I’ve listened to my favorite new podcasts for the week I’m going to try to listen to less of everything for a while at least.

I think this may help me think more about my worlds, my characters, and their voices. Hopefully I’ll be able to let you know how it works.

Have a good day! Don’t let the demons get you down.


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