Realization on the 11th of Coani-Eshk

So I made up a calendar for my current novel’s world yesterday. Used an RPG program called Masterplan to build it, but I already knew it would be incredibly regular, so each month is 36 days, and there are twelve of them. In the end, that means the calendar looks a lot like the one in our world. But the weeks are twelve days long each, so its gonna be a bit odd to talk about in the story.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the direction this story-building has gone. I love worldbuilding, and yet I had not given myself permission to do as much as I liked for this story. Probably an issue I had because of NaNoWriMo, where I was struggling just to keep up with daily wordcounts.

I think worldbuilding will come to me with patience. And patience with myself is what I am learning to practice this month. My skills are getting there. My stories are still improving. The more I think about things, the happier I am with my trajectory in writing and life.

Sure, I don’t get to have bunch of messed-up relationships or whatever else I could be doing with my twenties, but who knows, that’s probably for the better regardless.

I guess I’m happy.

What do you know.

Have a good day everyone!


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