Four Projects – Three Solutions

At this point I’ve got four pieces of writing in varying stages of progress I want to move along toward publication.

These four pieces vary in length. One is a short story. Another is a young adult novel in need of editing. The other two are novels as well, and one of those is more of an idea than a work at this point. I also have a fifth project, another novel, the one I am currently working on because it was what I was passionate for back in November.

When I write about having four (Well, five) projects in progress I wish I didn’t feel so overwhelmed. I am telling you about it because I want to work through this problem of not being confident I can finish a book. The thing is, I can. I know I can. I can do all of these books, and I can do them justice in the near future.

Just like you and your dreams. Nothing keeps you from what you want if you have the guts to look for solutions rather than focusing on what will stop you.

Over the years I have begun to see more and more the things that can trip up my work. I can see all these things and that is fine. When it comes time to write rough draft I need to put them out of my mind, however. There is no room for doubts on the pages of fiction.

I think I can get by if I remember not to worry. If I remember to relax and put away my fear.

Three things I will attempt to learn: A serene attitude toward writing, an ability to take joy in the process, a drive to write without fear.

I will add one more thing, because I seem to be doing that today. I need the thoughtfulness to put away my inactive work as well as the other three qualities.

Perhaps, if I avoid working on things that are not immediately pressing, I can focus better on what is before me.

And then I can flourish. I can develop my stories in peace. The roar of the hyperactive mind is loud, but what I need is quiet right now.


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