Hey everyone. Happy impending New Year!

Today, still in the midst of my vacation something occurred to me. It may sound like a silly platitude at first, but allow me to explain after I say: We’re okay.

Sure, there are things each of us could improve. Sure, there are times we don’t feel like everything is fine. There are difficult situations to endure, and there are injustices in the world that may never be corrected.

But if I learned anything from this holiday so far, it is that things do change and they change for the better as well as for the worse.

Life is hills and valleys, but it doesn’t have to be mountains and pits. I guess this might make less sense than I initially thought. I suppose my point remains that if one does not react poorly, one can always endure social situations, even seemingly negative ones and come out positively. It’s not easy, but sometimes silence is the best option.

Today I’m traveling across the country. The new year is close, and I want it to be different from the past one.

But like everyone, I need to know this year was, at least, okay. And there are better things ahead.


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