Lightning Journey

This post could also be titled: “What does a sixteen hour-long overnight roadtrip mean to me?”

This time, when I took my yearly sojourn with my family across the United States I am struck by how fast one can move in the modern age, even without leaving the ground.

Even two hundred years ago, a journey like the one I just made would take weeks, and especially in winter as it is now the trip would be incredibly dangerous.

Usually my family travels the road from southern Minnesota to the westernmost county of Pennsylvania in a single afternoon and the ensuing night. Last night was no exception. We have returned home safely for the new year, for which I am grateful to all the excellent drivers who took the wheel and for our good luck with the aging conveyance in which we all rode.

I slept for the most part, so I am the only one still awake.

I had a phenomenal Christmas holiday with my extended family in Pennsylvania, though I became a bit exhausted from the amount of people I had to deal with over the last week. Then, I managed to get rebooted into a story I’ve been writing on the ride home. I even managed to type a few hundred words in the van.

The trip to Pennsylvania is always pretty introspective for me. I love my family, but there is also a lot of quiet time wherein I can think about, not only stories, but also my relationships with each of them. Sort of wish I found a way to bring my meditation pad with me on the trip, but its a bit large when considering my other luggage.

Here I am. Ready for the new year? Maybe. I’m preparing a short story for epublication on Amazon in January. For any of you who have been following and want to see what I make, as opposed to what I am made of, I will post an update for everything I release.

This season is a good one for thinking, but while the house sleeps, I think its time to write. Once again.

Have a blessed last few days of 2014. Years only come around the one time, so let’s all enjoy what’s left of this one.


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