The year 2014 is all over bar the celebration. It’s on its way out as it were.

I’m happy with the past year. I’m doing what I want to do when I manage to pull my head out of my butt. Just need to get the head out of there more often.

I made some money, alternately enjoying and being frustrated with the work I did just as I am with my own work too. I learned a lot about my process and writing craft in general. Even got my ego massaged on occasion by clients after delivering work.

If I have one regret over the past year its that I didn’t learn much about anything besides writing. I think its the same regret I had for 2013 because once I graduated from college I started focusing on work and forgot to play at learning.

I don’t really do New Years resolutions, but I have goals. Plenty of goals for the year that’s about to begin involve writing, and a few involve other things. I want to learn stuff about other subjects again. I want to read more books, both fiction and nonfiction.

From where I end my year things look good. I’m going to give things the best push I can.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.

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