Back to Work

The last of my siblings has finally left the house, so the end of the holiday is clear.

I have books to work on, of course, and I have ideas I want to keep developing.

Editing is the first order of the day. Then I’m up for some additional brainstorming on a continuation of another story.

Today I’m off to a good start because I took the chance to edit the opening of a different book under my own inspiration already. I was awake early to see off my brother, and I got some good work in.

Time to focus on the young adult book. Time to be patient with myself. Time to maintain the enthusiasm I built up over the past two weeks or so of almost-no-work. In short, the time has come.

And how fitting that its monday. Guess being self-employed isn’t so different from a regular job sometimes.

Christmas is over, and my batteries are charged.

Have a good day!


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