Practicing poetry and recovering from another day of playing too much Hearthstone. Today I am taking time off from that so-called game. It’s too involving, far too involving to be healthy.

A lot of negativity and sadness filtered to me from the net yesterday, not just becaue of the terrorism, but because of more venal issues. And though I’m a little speck in the internet sky, I thought a bit about some of the reactions and outrage I read yesterday.

This morning I wrote my reaction to those reactions, in the form of a few lines of poetry.

Nations and religions all change.
Even the best shoes wear out.
The clothing we wear in our lifetime
Can take many forms and meanings,
And we are all the same in our differences
But that doesn’t mean we have to divide.

I like to take politics and religion aside because it doesn’t make sense to me the level of blind certainty required to be a true devotee of any of them, and this is in spite of my professed Catholicism of course.

I don’t know that much about the world, but regardless, I sometimes need to discuss this sort of thing.

Politics isn’t fiction. I need to get back to the latter.

Have a good day everyone, and please keep your minds open.


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