Fighting Zombies

It’s that time again. Time to go flex my mental muscles and pretend I’m an expert on something I didn’t devise that never existed: zombies.

I don’t know how much I like zombies in their traditional story roles of lethal horde combined with natural disaster. But I enjoy doing my part for this project, which, if you didn’t know from my mentions every so often prior to this on the blog, is based on the novel World War Z by Max Brooks. I think the best thing about it is the way the teacher tries to use an exciting metaphor to discuss real issues.

The project consists of teams of senior highschool students devising plans to save people in this area from a zombie apocalypse scenario with a few weeks to prepare before it gets really bad. The zombie rules are the same as those from the World War Z book. I’ve been judging these projects for years, and have therefore developed my own plan over that time. However, I don’t think a great deal about this particular challenge.

Fictional horde of monsters or not, perhaps I should consider the ‘challenge’ form of storytelling more.

A challenge outlook provides a robust frame for a story, a strong push toward a conclusion, and a set of problems that can arise along the way. I love these elements provided by a simple goal.

Right now the novel I am rough drafting starts out with a simple set of goals, but also involves many complications, not the least of which is the conflict of interest in the main character’s mind. On the one hand he wants to keep his violent but profitable job, but on the other hand this new mission is over the line, the kind of thing one does not repent from. I speak in generalities, but I really do need to define what my protagonist actually wants rather than what his role is telling him too want.

In any case, I am a zombie judge today, so I won’t be doing a lot of work on my stories until this afternoon.

That’s alright. I’ve been doing pretty well with writing this week. And I appreciate everyone who read the post yesterday. I hope my hippy-type attitude about the violence isn’t too much for anyone.

I ask you to have a good day. I think I will.


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