I received some feedback yesterday on part of the book I am currently editing. The feedback was mostly positive, but look at how dysfunctional I am. I latched onto a single compliment with an edge to it, an edge that suggests my other work tends to be overly weird for little benefit.

Perhaps that is true. In fact, I’m fairly sure it is. When I took a class on drawing I learned that objects must be rooted in the space so they don’t appear to float. To carry that lesson into a metaphor, my fiction is not rooted enough in reality. I love high-flying fantasy and science fiction, but perhaps I’ve taken things too far.

This troubles me a great deal, because if my work is not understandable to others it is not something I can sell.

Oh well, at least I appear to have done one of these stories right.

Have a good day. I’m gonna stew a little more, most likely.


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