For this post, I think I’ll discuss my urge to push on projects that don’t exist yet.

If I wander, such is the way of this blog.

In the middle of any kind of project I frequently feel tired, and it occurs to me that because I’ve always seen the rough draft as the end of the greater part of the work (However untrue that viewpoint may be) I take more breaks in editing phases than in any part of the rough draft.

This stuff has been on my mind because I came up with a new novel concept that I rather like, rather than doing the editing I really should be working on. Anyway, the new idea is VERY undeveloped, so I think I’d better go back to editing and let the elements I threw into the novel stew for a while.

Looks like I won’t be submitting anything to writing group this cycle. That’s okay with me. I’ll see what other people put up first and fill the void if one develops.

I’m off to edit. Have a good day everybody!


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