Endings and Wendigos

Its funny. Now that I’m kind of at the point where I am starting a new story, I can’t help but worry about endings. And it is winter, so maybe that’s why Native American cannibal spirits are on my mind.

Author Chuck Wendig (The other reason for the pun ‘Wendigo’) has a great blog over at terribleminds.com in which he often discusses writing, and in colorful language reminds us writers that we need to finish work for it to be useful.

Wendig’s advice makes a lot of sense to me. But few, if any, of my old works are complete. I by complete, I mean edited and ready to query with. Mind you, many of these are ugly enough that I have no intention of ever querying them, but the better ones need to be finished.

I have three books right now that are pretty decent and have complete rough drafts. Why am I starting something new? Because I get a bit crazy if I don’t. Perhaps this is a bad habit. I really should be editing, not churning out more fun but early-stage work. Oh well. As long as its fun. Fun is more important to me than money, though I do need the money at some point.

I’ve got projects all around me. To paraphrase a certain military commander during the Korean War: they’re in front of me. They’re behind me. They can’t get away now.

Have a great day!


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