Power of Presence

I’ve bemoaned for too long that I get nothing done, when in-fact I have always had the power to do what I wanted.

And this power doesn’t involve ruby slippers.

No, it’s all about being present and chooisng the correct priorities. Yesterday I procrastinated all day, but in the end I squeezed in editing a chapter before sleep. I’m happy, as the one chapter was my goal for the day. And today I’m going to do at least one more.

Being present in the moment is vital to learning willpower. And willpower is really what I need to learn in order to focus on the work that must be done. Then I can be gainfully self-employed rather than behaving like a spoiled child all the time.

I’ve been on a road for a while. I hope this realization helps me move along it in the direction I want to go.

Have a good day!


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