Yesterday was a good day of writing yesterday. Those who follow me on twitter may note that I mentioned getting up really early. At 3am I felt barely functional, but I pushed through it.

I pushed until about 2pm and then I gave up being productive. Got two chapters edited and one chapter written afresh in a different book. I enjoyed the time alone early in the morning a great deal, but I wouldn’t want to feel the crash I suffered later in the day very often.

The lesson I take away from my effective day was simply that a little success can become a lot of success pretty rapidly. I forced myself to write on Sunday, things built on Monday, and continued to snowball yesterday.

In any case, today is looking to be very busy between writing group, a brainstorming session, and a meeting with a friend, today will have all the social stuff yesterday lacked. So I’d better get writing before I get carried away with other stuff.

Have a good one, folks!


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