Podcasts Great and Small

I still listen to far too many podcasts these days. Some of these are enormous, others far smaller and more specialized in fan base. Lately I’ve been trying to assess which ones I should prioritize as I cut back on listening.

A quick list of the top podcasts I listen to, and what I think of them, and what I think of them, follows.

Joe Rogan Experience – Epic shows practically every one of them, these shows are in-depth and often hilarious. Rogan is a great host. My main problem with these shows is how much time they take to listen to, but that’s equally part of the charm. Makes cutting back on them a must, but cutting them out all but impossible.

Roundtable Podcast – Amazing brainstorming show with Dave Robison and a whole cavalcade of great writers. This is my top podcast as far as enjoyment, probably. It’s not going anywhere.

Writing Excuses – Powerful and pithy. Once a week tips on writing for twenty minutes, makes this show pretty much insignificant time-wise. Keeping it.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour – Fascinating and inspiring. Trussell may be a comedian by profession, but I love his approach to spirituality. From the perverse origin of the opening theme to the fascinating guests this show is great. Partially because of, and partially in spite of Trussell’s self-professed “raspy lesbian voice”. Even so, I think I should probably save these ones for the weekends, just to get more work done.

Functional Nerds – A fun show with a lot of positivity and geekiness. It releases on Tuesday, same day as the Roundtable Podcast, so I think I might have to start pushing it back to Wednesday rather than overloading Tuesday morning.

Drunken Taoist Podcast – Bi-monthly show about philosophy and life in-general. Enjoyable, but not quite up there with the Duncan Trussell Family Hour for me. In any case, there are so few of these shows I can easily listen to them just on the weekends and stay caught up.

Dead Robots’ Society – This is the one I’ve listened to the most lately. And this is the one that may need to get cut. It is a writing podcast, a long-running show that’s been on for seven years or more. However, I have a strange addiction to hating on some of these episodes and most of the time at least one of the hosts is usually acting up in a way I find unpleasant. It’s probably not healthy for me to keep listening to this stuff every week. If I continue to keep up with it, I might have to save ‘em up and listen every couple of weeks.

Anyway, this post got pretty lengthy for my recent stuff. If any of you are interested in any of the above shows, I would encourage you to check them out.

I’m off to listen and write. Have a good day, everyone!


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