One Revelation at a Time

I had a really good appointment with a counselor on Tuesday. Figured out some things related to working harder, not least of which is the need, as Alan Moore also advises creatives, to continue take on greater and greater challenges.

Perhaps one novel doesn’t feel like enough of a challenge in my mind anymore. Some of these novels definitely don’t feel like that big of a challenge. Never mind the fact that I still have a lot to learn about the process, I’ve still written over eight novels as well as a couple novellas and short stories. That could be why I seem to think writing novels is easy now.

It isn’t. It just isn’t. Writing fiction is a bigger challenge than I, for one, give it credit for most of the time. I need to accept that truth, because it might actually help me write more. I’m not actually averse to doing difficult things, but I’ve always been averse to work that feels like work.

Big questions have been raised this week. And now its time to get some work in.

Have a good day everyone!


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