The other day I was talking to a friend about music. He mentioned a cover of the Pink Floyd song, “Money” by the band Velvet Revolver. I looked for the song online but was unable to find it on youtube or amazon.

That’s not the real point of this post. But I couldn’t find the money.

Yesterday was also the day I thought about registering for Superstars Writing Seminars. A number of my writing group have gone and like it. They encouraged me to go next year, but even at its cheapest I just can’t find enough money to go. Freelancing doesn’t pay a whole lot of bills, especially when one of the main sources of my job opportunities shut me out of it.

I woke up still feeling kinda lousy about it, but its really the only option. More money would give me more options, but I’m so bad with my damn spending I’ll probably always have trouble with this sort of thing. Oh well, writing this post has made me feel a little better. Just hope I don’t catch too much of an earful from my writing group. Even that won’t be so bad.

Thanks for reading everyone. Have a good day!


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