Mild annoyance? Mostly.

Mild personality? Never.

Mild autism? Definitely.

If anything still bothers me about the episode of the Roundtable Podcast I was on around two years ago now, it has to be that in my introduction the awesome host, Dave Robison said I was the more ‘artistic’ of my set of twin brothers. Well, I hadn’t told him that, however true it might be. I don’t like to boast, so I still remember what I actually told him. I said, ‘autisitc’, not ‘artistic’.

I’m not fishing for sympathy. My autism is mild. But, despite my never wanting to write about autism directly, I want people to know that people with autism are human beings, capable of all sorts of things. Obviously this depends partially on the severity of things.

Anyway, I was reminded of this today as I listened to the latest episode of the Functional Nerds podcast which features the same author who was on that episode of the Roundtable, Myke Cole. I doubt many people who will listen to the episode will read this blog, but I felt the need to set the record straight. Part of me is trying to indulge my instict to be productive more often.

So here is the second post for the day.

Thanks for reading everyone.

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