On the Page

I am back at a book for real this time. Temple Theater is well and truly back in the works, with me hammering away at scene after scene.

The whole has been roughly outlined. Half of the book is in the word processor. The other half is still in my brain. I want to push forward into the story. There are still moments later in this story I cannot wait to write. I need to refine my process to improve the number of scenes I feel really great about.

The truth is, I really have all the components for the book. Its time to put this universe of work together. And joy is the glue. Joy combines the words and the structure into a complete thing. The outline will come to life, as my notes have in the past. The two characters will suffer and learn and change. And I will reach the finale and resolve this first story.

After that I will press on to the next book to finish. Process is simple, but it isn’t easy. I plan to enjoy it.

Have a good day!


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