Of Mornings

When I wake up each day I feel like I’m a different person. I feel grumpier and less willing to do anything productive than is otherwise imaginable for me at other times. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I got the night before. I am useless. That is, until I take my medication.

I take the four pills I take and thereafter start functioning better for the rest of the day. But the pills don’t always get me to work. For a long time I blamed them. Of course, most of the time its not the meds when I don’t want to work. It’s me. Why do I bring this stuff up? Because I have a fairly intense day ahead of me, and I still feel half asleep.

Oh well. I have work in store. I have a friend to hang out with, and I have HabitRPG.com where I am falling behind with my goals as of yesterday. It’s funny how HabitRPG, which I’ve only recently started to really use, has served as a pretty serious motivator. Possibly this is because it integrates consequences, however tiny, with a checklist function.

I’ve got a lot of things to check off. Goodbye for now, and have a good day!


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