The world can be funny sometimes. Two days ago I had a lot of distractions and got a lot done. Yesterday I had only a few distractions but I got a lot less done.

It may be true what they say: If you want something done ask someone busy to do it.

I’ve never been a chronicly busy person. More aptly, I can be pretty lazy. However, I think that when I have more small tasks and even an additional time-consuming task as well I turn out a lot better work.

I am still editing this young adult book. I want to wrap up this draft tomorrow. Then I get to go back to some rough drafting as well as possibly some additional edits on my more adult science fiction novel. So I have a lot to do. I think if I break the process down into a couple of stages I may be able to get more work time in.

It’s been a good week for me. Hope today keeps that up. Good luck to all of you!

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