A Storm is Brewing in my Brain

I finished a draft of one novel. Now it’s back to the rough draft of another.

This story I’m working on has a lot of elements I’m trying to brainstorm. Problem is, I’ve been getting stuck in listening to podcasts an awful lot lately, and I find it tough to brainstorm by myself when I’m listening to other people talk. I woke up this morning without much direction, despite the notes I made last night for the project.

The world I’m working on is strange, but has some familiar Earthly elements. Perhaps I need to work more to root the weirdness in the Earthly stuff. I’ve already written roughly a third to a half of the book, but there are so many more ways I can take the story and yet there are some ways I need to take it in the course of events to fulfill the earlier story promises.

I keep thinking back to this rule.

Rule: Promises need to be fulfilled in a way that makes sense but strikes the reader as unexpected.

In that process I need to get my own creative nourishment from elements I truly love.

This is one process of writing a story. But does it need to be my process? The ‘implied promise’ model of storytelling struck me as sound when I first learned of it, and yet I’m not sure if it is really essential to every story.

Oh well, I have a lot to play with in-world. Time to stop agonizing and pound out something of an outline.

Have a good day everyone!


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