I outlined the second half of this rough draft yesterday. Didn’t like it. I’ve already done it again this morning.

Not sure if I like this one a whole lot better. But it closer to what I want than the last one. Gotta start writing the actual text soon, so this can’t go on much longer. Oh well. Work gotta get done. And time is something I have in abundance at the moment.

The first outline I did free form. The second I seven-point structured. The third I may try a MICE Quotient approach.

I do know one thing. This half of the story is gonna be much better considered than the first half.

Outlining can be rough for me, as I consider myself more of a discovery writer lately. Really, I’m somewhere in between, as are most writers I’ve talked with enough to know. Outlines definitely give me capabilities I don’t have without them, though. Mostly that involves having direction in a story with a less direct form of conflict. That’s one reason I decided to outline this story. But it already feels a bit jumbled.

Will the third time be the charm? I hope so.

Have a good day everyone!


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