It Begins

I have started a new book this morning. I am enjoying the writing so far (Well one scene, but whatever), but who knows how much this first scene will need to be cleaned up in the next couple of weeks. That doesn’t matter at the moment.

After a slow, chaotic start to the day, I feel a lot better as I go forward. The headache I woke up with it subsiding. My medication, which I forgot to take for almost two hours after waking, is now in full effect. I feel alive again and set to keep writing. Just thought I’d spend a little time chatting with you as my break.

It’s Friday, and after a week of intense outlining, its time to write some draft!

I’ll probably be back tomorrow, but if not, Sunday.

Have a good day everyone!

And PS because I just found out: Leonard Nimoy, rest in peace.

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