Podcasts Good or Evil?

I’ve been using habitrpg.com lately, having heard it mentioned by Mur Lafferty a few times. I forget if I’ve mentioned this on the blog yet, but its been very helpful for me to have daily checklists with accountability enforced by the impartial website itself.

One of the habits I noted down on my page as a negative was relistening to old episodes of podcasts. But I often write with that kind of thing going on in the background. And you know what? As crazy as it sounds, I think it might actually work. See, lately music has been distracting me more, but I can’t write in just silence.

Enter the old episodes of podcasts I have stored on my computer like the digital hoarder that I am. I can have one of these on in the background and it actually gives me something to block out as I write.

I’m still going to avoid relistening to old episode of podcasts that distract me with negative emotions. That is the new bad habit to avoid, rather than the blanket condemnation I had been using before.

So yes, its back to work with me. Take it easy, everybody.

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