Productivity and Poetry

I’ve been reading a modern epic poem called Black Powder by Matthew Bialer.

Putting aside, at least for the moment what the poem is about, I very much enjoy the form and writing. I’ve tried my hand at writing poetry, just for fun in the past, especially late in high school and early in college. My poetry is focused on the same sorts of things my fiction is focused on, fantasy and science fiction topics.

Naturally this is somewhat difficult for people to read. But when one I writing just for fun, what does that matter?

I like poetry (Both to read and to like), and in the times when I have been the most productive in writing fiction I have also written poetry on the side. Perhaps the poetry, which was never the main project, was a sign of my overflowing urge to write at the time. I always wrote it longhand first. And when I write longhand I think more about what goes down on the page before I write it. So I have my thoughtful poetry, the sort that makes me consider what to do with prose in the future near or far.

It’s been months since I did any serious longhand writing, let alone poetry writing. I think its time to return to my roots. Notes scribbled in classrooms. Lines composed in silence rather than in opposition to podcasts and music.

So definitely. I think I’ll have to journal by hand, in addition to this blog. And I will write poetry too, because perhaps it will help me think through what I need to tell my readers.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day, and a good weekend.


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